Please ensure you read and understand the pre-order Policy below, before continuing to the pre-orders section.  Items listed as “pre-order” are currently not available to ship until the pre-order arrives at our warehouse.

Pre-order Policy

A pre-order is a contract to acquire an item before it is available in store. Ages Three And Up offers many items throughout the year as pre-order for the benefit of our shoppers to ensure pre-release items are obtainable and affordable.

Advantages of Pre-ordering

Pre-ordering ensures that you get the product you want, as some products are limited in quantity and sell out before it reaches our store. We fulfill Pre-Orders in the order we receive them. As there is no need to put down any money for a preorder we encourage you to place a pre-order on items as soon as possible to ensure that you secure any items you want before it sells out. 

Payment for Pre-Orders

Pre-Order WITHOUT payment up front

If you choose to place a pre-order without payment up front, choose the "pre-order" option as your payment option upon checkout. You will be invoiced once the item ships to our warehouse. Estimated product release dates are listed on the product page. To prevent a delay in shipping the product to you once it arrives, please pay invoices promptly.

To receive any discounts or special pre-order offers on your order, this invoice must be paid in full BEFORE THE STOCK ARRIVES IN STORE. If the item arrives in stock and your invoice is not paid for, your entire order will be cancelled and the item(s) will be put back into inventory. You are more than welcome to place another order at that time for the full price of the item(s) but they are on a first come first serve basis.

Pre-Order WITH payment up front

If you wish to pay for your entire preorder up front then you can chose the Paypal option upon checkout and your payment by Paypal or Credit Card will be applied to your order. Your order will ship to you when it arrives in stock.

Multiple items in one order

If you have multiple items on your order that come in at different times, you will be requested for payment on each item as it arrives. We will hold all inventory until your entire order is in stock, or you instruct us to ship out what is in stock. When the last item on your order is arriving you will be sent an invoice for the final item plus any shipping fee at that time. If you wish to ship out items on your order before the order is complete you will be required to pay the flat rate shipping fee at that time and no part of your order can be shipped until that fee is completed.

In stock items need to be paid for at the time of order placement and cannot be placed under preorder; this option is only for items that have not arrived yet. 

Non-payment of pre-order

If your order is cancelled for non payment on an item and you have items that are being held, your entire order will be cancelled and a 15% restocking fee will be applied to the items in stock. The remainder of the cost of your order and any monies paid for your order will be returned to you minus the 15% re-stocking fee.

Cancelling Pre-Order Items

To cancel an item on pre-order, please contact our support team with your request. You can cancel your preorder at any time before your items arrive in stock. If you paid for your order early then you will be refunded in full for your order. If we have sent out notification that items are arriving and sent out invoices for items, then any cancellations are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Cancelling a preorder means you lose your place in line for this item. You are welcome to place a new order at any time if you change your mind, as long as the item is available in stock.

Receiving Your Pre-Order

We ship out orders in the order we receive them so the earlier you pre-order, the higher you are in the order we ship out. Although we make every effort to ensure products are shipped out promptly, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order "early" or on the expected release date.  Unexpected delays can happen, especially when dealing with foreign product, shipping carriers, and high demand. We cannot control any of these unforeseen situations before it arrives at our warehouse.

Shipping Your Pre-Order

To help our customers save on shipping, by default, we only ship products once all items in an order are in stock. This ensures that you get all of your items shipped under one flat rate. If you choose to have your in-stock items shipped separate from your pre-orders, just let us know by sending an email to  You will be charged the flat rate for every separate shipment made.

Box Condition of Pre-Order Products

We do our best to ensure that all items sent out are in as good of condition as possible but Ages Three and Up does not guarantee Mint Condition figures. If condition is a factor of your purchase we would suggest coming into the store to check conditions of the items. Ages Three and Up does not do exchanges due to package condition. For items that may have been damaged due to transportation by the carrier, a claim will have to be made with Canada Post or USPS.