Can I pick up my order in-store if I order online?

In-store pick up is available on in stock items. For pre-orders, you can chose store pick up as your method of shipping. There is a $3 pick up fee each time an item is picked up. For example, you can pick up 10 items 10 times and you will be billed the $3 each time or you can pick up 10 items all at once and be billed $3 only one time. Please send us an email if you wish to split up an order.

Do you grant retroactive discounts for sale items?

Sorry, we do not grant retroactive discounts on items just purchased, or items in an order that have already been purchased and are awaiting shipping.

Can you ship items in my order that are in-stock first, and ship my Pre-order item when it arrives?

To help customers save on shipping costs, by default, we wait until all items are in stock before shipping your entire order. If you prefer to have us ship your in-stock items and pre-order items in separate shipments, you will be charged our flat rate shipping for each separate pre-order shipment you make.  Please see our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

Can I combine my separate orders?

Once orders are placed, they cannot be combined. You can remove items from an order but two orders can not be combined. If the items arrive in stock and are paid for, no changes to the order can be made.

Where is your retail store located?

Ages Three and Up is located on the upper level of Lougheed Town Centre. For directions and store hours, please visit our Store Hours and Location page.

Do you charge taxes?

As we are a Canadian-based company, we are required to charge taxes on orders from all Canadian provinces.